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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Monday April 9, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m.

Present were Deb McGee, Joan Goode, Jodi Robinson, Janet Harrison, Vickie Gale and Toni Milbourne

Comments/Questions from the Visiting Public:  Giordana Baker, Kathleen Hintz, Gary Cogle

Minutes were distributed and approved.

Director’s Report: Details are in Director’s Report of April 9, 2018.  Sad news about Frank (the Library’s pet bearded dragon) having to be euthanized due to liver and kidney failure.

Staff appreciation luncheon in April through the Chamber of Commerce at Bavarian Inn. Lunch will be $22.00 per person and four would be attending for a total cost of $88.00.

Motion to vote by Vickie Gale and seconded by Jodi Robinson. All agreed.

Due to Director’s scheduling conflict for the June meeting, all agreed to change the meeting date to Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Financial Report:  Guest Speaker: Gary Cogle

Gary spoke on the Purchasing Card (P-card). Agreed that four employees should have a P-card as it will be implemented state-wide in the near future.

1) Director

2) Adult Svcs. Librarian

3) Children Svcs. Librarian

4) Librarian Asst.

Motion to vote by Jodi Robinson and seconded by Joan Goode. All agreed.

Unfinished Business:

Employee Evaluations: incomplete to date. Director stated that she had submitted the complete evaluations to the Board President but did not feel comfortable distributing them to the rest of the Board due to confidentiality.  Director’s evaluation was also discussed and recommended that the Board do the Director’s evaluation separately and anonymously submit to the Board President to compile the results and then act upon accordingly.

Policy revisions: Ad Hoc Committee must abide by Open Meeting Law and post an agenda. Ad Hoc committee submitted a draft Proposed Grievance Policy. Policy revisions tabled until next meeting.

Healthcare Benefits: Director will check into PEIA provided insurance and will report to the Board next month.

New Business:

Yoga Class: Decided not to allow due to insurance considerations and that donations would be accepted. Motion: Deb McGee, seconded: Joan Goode

Website update of minutes and board info: Tess is attending a computer class to address this.

Director’s timesheets: Agreed that the Director’s schedule would be reflected in detail in Director’s Report to the Board hereafter.

Syracuse University reimbursements: Director submitted a copy of an e-mail amongst the Board members and herself regarding an emergency distribution that was required or would lose funding. Board proposed to the Board $2000 in continuing education for MLIS and staff bonuses based on length of time the staff had worked for the library.  Director states that this was approved by the Board with a vote to accept the Budget and that it is a ‘line item’.

Chamber of Commerce luncheons: Jodi Robinson states that the library is only to pay yearly dues to the Chamber of Commerce and the Director is responsible for all other expenses as per the WV Open Meeting Law and Ethics Act. Director will verify this with the Ethics Board.

WV Public Library Trustee Manual Compliance: This item was added on to the agenda after the original agenda was agreed to by consensus and posted on the Library web site and will be disregarded by the Board.

Meeting adjourned: 9:05  p.m.

Next meeting:  May 14, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Gale



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